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a doll possessed by a demon

The safe puzzle had me so confused.


It was so fun to play:

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




As a Chucky fan, it was so much fun to get to play a fan game! First game was pretty fun and did manage to scare me. XD

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My experience with this game was fantastic, and I derived a lot of enjoyment from it. The only aspect that could use a slight improvement is the flashlight brightness; it's a tad too dim. Perhaps adjusting the environment's lighting slightly could address this issue. Additionally, I noticed that you have to press the F key twice to activate the flashlight; I'm curious if this is intentional or if it could be streamlined.

If you're interested, I've captured a video of my playthrough that I'd like to share.

Great game! 

Very scary!

loved the gameplay had fun playing this and the chase seen was so fun cant wait to see what u will bring next 

buen juego

so good keep up the good work man


Fun and irritating at the same time

It’s funny seeing what it would be like to be hunted by a doll, it doesn't feel like a threat until the blade is in your ankle. I would have loved to be able to simply boot chucky.

I cut it from the recording but I spent so much of the time running around the graveyard. I just kept looking for a coffin with an upside down cross before I realised it was on the wall instead. 

The game was really fun, I love the reimagining of horror movies as games.


7.5/10 the only real negative in my opinion is the horrible ambience, it really took away from the whole experience but other then that you did a great job, can't wait for the next game.

really good
really good 


hi, big thx for the cool game. greetings from rosti 😘

Shout out to Abner for this great game I really enjoy every detail of the game any more games by Abner I'll checkout and played it on Youtube. I played two horror games in this vids!!!!!!

Bro.. Make More Fan Horrors! This was great

Thank you friend!! Nice video 😀


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I am making another horror game hehe


I am making haha

good game 9/10


Gostei muito de jogar! experiência incrível e bastante assustador, jogabilidade perfeita sem falar em todo enredo, parabéns Abner e sua equipe esse game esta bem legal! 

Tmj!! Eu fiz tudo sozinho kkk

Me inscrevi, não conhecia o seu canal

Oh the nostaglia!! Nothing like playing an indie horror game with classic horror characters. I think you really did Chucky justice in this one. The only critique I would have is to give the player the next objective like in the opening scene, but other than that, amazing job Darkaorv!!! We gotta get a part 2!

it tells me to open the file and it wont open

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This game is great! It had me flying back in my chair fam lol


Chucky Horror Game


Fun little game! Finding the amulet was a bit too difficult but still had a great time. Obligatory Channel Link

Hey, I got an error downloading the game, it says URL error and network error, can you give me an alternative link ?, because I want to make a video playing this game

Hi friend, have you already solved it??

Bro, Chucky Scared The Heck Out Of Me So Many Times !

Nice video friend haha

Thank You, Its A Dope Game!

This game was pretty fun, gave me some chills and at times pretty funny too! I really enjoyed my playthrough and I cant wait to see what you make in the future.. gameplay starts at about 4 minutes.

Nice video friend haha

this was awesome and who knew chucky can move that fast with short little legs lke that XD , thanks for making this 

Nice haha, i will subscribe to your channel 

oh if you want to  feel free and hope you enjoyed it 

I got too scared and couldn't beat it. lol Chucky scared the f**k outta me as a kid. Had a lot of fun though. check me out


An amazing game - thanks for making this. <3

I liked, nice video haha i will subscribe

Chucky Horror Game

This was quite the fun little horror game to play and it took nearly an hour for me to finish haha!
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