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Nice horror game!!

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This game was pretty spooky! Love the atmosphere and look of everything! Got scared a good amount of times by the crooked man XD

This Game is crazy Scary I love it it’s so different and I love different I’m not asking anyone to subscribe but if you do it will be very helpful all I ask is please watch the video and be respectful and please give the video a like and say something nice in the comments that’s all and have a blessed day 😇 👍🏾💯

I liked this game a lot. It had that 2010s horror game feel to it and I liked that. Atmosphere was really good, and the jumpscares was great.  I just couldn't finish it because I was too scared, lol. Great Game!!

Gameplay starts at 5:40

Not my favorite. I could not get a stable framerate and that pretty much made it impossible one the man shows up. For some reason, my PC hates small Unity projects even though it can run much better looking games at 60 FPS. Basically makes it impossible to accurately interact with anything while trying to run away.

I don't know what it is so friend!! The game runs fine, on mine it runs more than 80 fps and I saw several youtubes playing and nobody had a problem!! It's well optimized running with a lot of fps..

I don't know why, either. Sometimes, it's an easy fix - Intel's integrated GPU doesn't always know when a game needs to run off the nVidia GPU on my laptop, so I have to switch them manually. But even doing that for this game made basically no difference. I have no idea why, it's like some Unity games (and recently a CopperCube 6 game!) just hate my PC. I can run UE4 games at max settings at 60 FPS, so it's not like my card's a total slouch for a laptop. I don't get it.

Nice game.  Good graphics and fun to play.  Great balance between monster and puzzle solving.  (Key finding).  Totally recommend this game.

I'm going to watch your video and I'm going to enjoy it and subscribe my friend, thanks!!

Very creepy and frustrating but i loved it for sure 

great job!!!

Interesting game! Definitely creepy and like where its going! 

I played this game on my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube Channel! Check it out below! 

Word of advice to any other YouTubers playing and recording this, the music is copyrighted, so mute the music before playing if you can! 

Sorry friend, I didn't know, there were some songs I downloaded from a website and it said it was free
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In the menu settings you can turn down the sound music, leave it at volume 0

Loved this game! Definitely gave me a few spooks but I did not expect that ending!

Loved this game I could not find the second safe code though so that sucked lol but loved the entire gameplay here is my recording of it 

Great work so far! Do you have the project in a GitHub repo or anything of the sorts? Would love to assist in further development if needed :)

I don't have any projects on github friend, but if you want to tag us to make some games together, we can tag haha

Sounds like a plan! I'll keep ya posted. Look forward to seeing future projects :)


Very creepy and tense game. Great work! 

A pretty fun game but I'd like to see the enemy maybe despawn a little more, or be more easily avoided. He was more or less a persistent pain in the ass to deal with, so it led to a lot of "get key, open door, grab next item, get killed" cycles. The game ran extremely well though, and I think there's the foundation for an excellent game in here. I hope you keep making stuff and learning from these experiences!

the amount of fear I had in this game is amazing 

really good job and I hope for more in the future 

I absolutely loved the puzzles in this game, They were not so insanely difficult that it made it frustrating but at the same time they were not so easy that it made them boring it was just perfect. The jumpscares were well placed. I loved the map layout and design. I felt the controls were a little too sensitive even when I turned them all the way down. I also felt like the chase sequences got slightly repetitive after a while but they were still well done. Overall it's a really good game and has all that there needs to be for a goo horror game. Well done!.

Very good friend!! I was already subscribed to your channel haha

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92/100 VERY GOOD

Thank you friend!!


Fantastic! ❤️


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Posting again since it was accidently deleted lol 

Great game! Horror game freaks should definitely play!

Very good friend!!
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i thought it was pretty good. the scares got me almost every time.. and oh god that umbrella.. 

heres my fav  clip from the game-

haha i saw 😂🤣🤣🤣

Loved this game it was creepy and enjoyable Keep up the good work

Разработчику респект, качественный проект, но не страшный

I could see the effort in this game, even though the cheap jumpscares got old fairly quickly, it wasn't a bad game. A little bit more polish and it would be great. Enjoyable nevertheless. Thank you for making this! 

The game is cool but I found some issues. Sensitivity goes up and down in some places, reloading the pistol is painful and also needs optimization. 3/5 

I think it's because I put that you can only load the weapon if you're not running, I did it on purpose..Beautiful gamePlay, I watched and subscribed

And also check out the sensitivity issue. rated from 3 to 4. :)) 

This was a really good game was really creepy and the jumpscares got me lol

Great game. Very scary.

Thank you friend

A fun and spooky romp. But I do have some notes on the gun. Check out the video for more.

Lots of fun.

Thank you friend, in a little while I will watch the video on your channel and enjoy and subscribe